6 February 2019 | The Island Club

The Island Club is pleased to announce the international premiere of LAUGHING by spalarnia, a sound and poetry alias of performance artist Wojciech Kosma.

Kosma is known for staging nuanced representations of intimate relationships that weave together dance, theatre, and personal biographies. Offering simple accounts of imaginary happenings, and moving promiscuously between frames of time and metonymy, his new poetry project, spalarnia, insists on exposing the various philosophical qualities of what seems to be the common thread throughout—the sound.

Kosma’s performances were shown, among others, at Chisenhale Gallery, London; Transmission Gallery, Glasgow; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw; Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles; Interstate Projects, New York. He is a founding member of artist collective East London Cable, and a member of a free jazz duo Hope Scandal (together with the drummer Bobo). His TV project Charisma, created in collaboration with Sarah M. Harrison and funded by Kone Foundation and Volksbühne Berlin, is available online at charisma.watch